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Reform or Recapacitate?

Industrial stoppages are a challenge, and it is not always possible to make them. 

In order to facilitate this process, VETTOR has performance tests allied to the technical capacity of its professionals, which in turn, help in the fast identification of problems, through accurate and real diagnosis of equipment conditions.

But how do you know whether to retire or recapacitate?

The reform becomes necessary when the components are damaged, either by lack of preventive maintenance or by changes in the industrial processes that impair the heat exchange, bearing in mind that the cold-water temperature necessary for the process is no longer being reached.

In the case of recapacitating, a study is made that recovers and maximizes the original performance conditions established in the project, and the necessary changes are made to the tower's structure so that it can meet this new process.

Whatever your need is, the team of highly experienced technicians and engineers will visit your plant, elaborating a special study and assessing the best way to serve you.

Don't let your industrial process be disrupted. Schedule a technical visit for evaluations and tests!

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