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The electricity moves motors, companies, schools, hospitals, residences and allows multiple advances, being fundamental for the development of societies, because in the current world it is impossible to live without having access to light or electricity that enables the operation of electrical and electronic products.

It is relentless the search for new renewable generating sources that are not limited, and currently, the most used are water in hydroelectric plants, winds in wind power plants, heat and sunlight in solar plants, presenting low levels of pollutants in all stages of production, distribution and consumption, but there are still other sources less used for energy generation such as biomass, geothermal, and the power from waves and seas.

VETTOR has been supplying large energy companies, providing water-cooling towers, designed to measure, for clients such as Energisa, Siner, CPFL, Engie Tractebel, Brookfield Energia Renovável, among others.