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VETTOR emphasizes the excellence in the whole variety of parts and manufactured parts, dedicating resources to the improvement of the performance of each component of the cooling towers.

There are several options of contact fills and the choice is according to the level of air contamination in the equipment's installation environment and also according to the quality of the circulation water and its biological control in PPM (parts per million), avoiding the risk of clogging caused by materials with agglutinating characteristics that do not get dissolved in the water like oil, grease, and fibers. The fills can be Grid in PP, Film in PVC, Tray in PP, Tubular in PP, Splash in PVC or PP, VBAR in PVC, Turn-Key in PP, and Triangular or Rectangular Bar in PVC, Additivated PVC, ABS or PP.

With a large stock of spare parts at the prompt delivery, VETTOR is at your disposal to serve your company with agility. Ask for a budget!