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VTF 440 to 1370
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Fiber Towers

VTF 440 to 1370

VETTOR produces a wide range of water-cooling towers, designed to measure to each client, in multiple sizes and capacities, used in various industrial processes, always investing in high technology and focusing efforts on the continuous improvement of its products.

The towers with modular size ranging between 44,0 to 137,0 m² per cell are ideal for medium size applications. Its deck is conical and the structure can be made of pultruded fiberglass or fiberglass with steel, and its cold-water basin is designed in reinforced concrete. Its fans are installed on the top of the equipment, performing the ventilation in an induced manner, and the water distribution system can occur by pressure or gravity. Its fill can be of the grid, film or splash type, with droplet eliminator in PP (polypropylene) or PVC (polyvinyl chloride).

Request a technical visit, and the VETTOR team of engineers will develop the most suitable project for your thermal control needs!