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VETTOR emphasizes the excellence in the whole variety of parts and manufactured parts, dedicating resources to the improvement of the performance of each component of the cooling towers.

There are several options of sprinkler nozzles, which can be TP1 type in polypropylene, with turbulenciator device, pyramidal base and water jet, GNV manufactured in ABS, with aluminum or stainless-steel rods, performing the regular distribution of water over the surface, CH3 in polypropylene or polyphtalamide, with input diameter for 1 and a half-inch pipe, performing the main distribution and branch in fiberglass to endure the high temperatures of vinasse, CH2 in polypropylene, with input diameter for three-quarter pipe, BG22, and BG32 in polypropylene with 22 and 32mm internal diameter, in addition to types BD, HM, and SH in polypropylene.

With a large stock of spare parts at the prompt delivery, VETTOR is at your disposal to serve your company with agility. Ask for a budget!