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What is a Cooling Tower?

Have you ever heard of Water-Cooling Tower?

Cooling towers are equipment’s used for cooling industrial water. 

In the great majority of industrial processes, there is a need to cool equipment and machinery that generate a certain amount of heat during operation.

The basic concept of a tower operation is the introduction of water in its upper part, through the input nozzle, distributing to the contact fill by means of nozzles or distribution nozzles.

At the same time, the fan installed on the top or side of the tower sucks or blows the air inside, transporting it to the fill, so that hot air contact with cold water occurs, thus promoting heat transfer.

In towers without a fill, cooling takes place directly through the contact of water with air, so that hot air comes out from the top of the tower and cold water is made available by the outlet nozzle installed in the cold-water basin.

Water cooling tower design requires technical knowledge of basic engineering principles, and requires practical applications of these principles, using materials and techniques suitable for each need, in order to obtain the best desired results. To achieve this, the basic components such as structure, fill, water distribution system, shutters, droplet eliminators, closure, platforms and fan cylinder (or diffuser) need to be properly designed to form an integral unit.

VETTOR tower manufacturing processes are ISO 9001 certified, guaranteeing high quality, and the company is also a member of CTI - Cooling Technology Institute, the U.S. body that regulates international standards for water cooling towers.