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The chemical industry supplies commodities to other industries and it is present in pesticides, manure and agricultural fertilizers, in medicines, cosmetics and toiletries, in paints, glazes and varnishes, in cleaning products, polymers and resins, artificial and synthetic fibers, food preservatives, explosives, and in the raw material of so many other products of industrial or final use, earning about 120 billion dollars per year and leaving Brazil in the eighth position in the world.

The petrochemical industry is part of the chemical industry and is characterized by producing petroleum derivatives such as naphtha and paraffin, converting the natural gas into urea, ammonia, among others, to be used as feedstock in different types of industry. 

VETTOR has been supplying major chemical and petrochemical industries, providing water-cooling towers, designed to measure, for clients such as Nouryon, Petrobrás, Unipar Indupa, Mosaic Fertilizers, CMOC International Brasil, Braskem, Oxiteno, Rhodia Solvay, among others.