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The pharmaceutical industry performs the activity of research, development, sales, and distribution of medicines, experiencing massive growth in the last two decades, generated by the increase in the consumption of medicines due to the increase in stress associated with high urban concentration and greater pressure to achieve goals imposed by the organizations, and also by the increase of the number of people suffering from depression caused mainly by the excess of information that the brain has to process simultaneously.

The most common diseases are hypertension, diabetes, obesity and depression, and the best-selling remedies are precisely those that fight these diseases, potentiating the growth of the 20 largest manufacturers, 8 of which are national, and moving more than 60 billion reais per year, providing more than 100 thousand direct jobs and 600 thousand indirect jobs in the brazilian market.

VETTOR has been serving major pharmaceutical labs, providing water-cooling towers, designed to measure, for clients such as Baxter, Phibro Animal Health, Abbott, Roche, Teuto, among others.