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Industrial Gases
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Industrial Gases

The production of process gases, such as oxygen, carbon dioxide, acetylene, hydrogen, and atmospheric gases, dispersed at high heights, such as nitrogen and argon, have enormous importance for the production chain and for development of sectors like medical-hospital, metallurgical, steel industry, food, pharmaceutical, automotive, chemical and petrochemical, and many others.

Oxygen, for example, is used in the manufacture of paper, glass, primary metals that also use argon, and manufactured products that also apply acetylene, in well as being useful for hospital demand and the environment. Already the nitrogen is used in chemical and petrochemical processes, in pharmaceutical, food, and also in the manufacture of plastics and rubbers, while carbon dioxide is useful for beverages, dry ice and welding processes.

VETTOR has been supplying large industrial gas manufacturers, providing water-cooling towers, designed to measure, for clients such as Linde Gases, Air Liquide, White Martins, Air Products, and many others.