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PVC tube its the next big thing!

The expressive and constant growth of VETTOR GROUP has allowed it to expand its operations to other activities, and VTR TUBOS is already a success in the race with the major brands in the pipe and connection market. 

When it comes to investing in new technologies for the improvement of the process of capturing, treating and distributing water and effluents, it is essential to evaluate the quality of the PVC pipes that are being used. 

The PVC pipes are extremely useful for the conduction of potable water in supply and distribution systems, in fire prevention and industrial use facilities, and in buried water supply systems, also serving for the transportation of sanitary sewage in collecting systems, building connections, condominium and interceptor systems, as well as in pumping and treatment stations, besides the conduction of effluents in pressurized systems of residential and industrial sewage, with booster systems and pressure requirements. But that's not all. PVC pipes, initially manufactured only for use in water cooling towers, have gained space, and currently there are major projects underway to produce new pipes for new purposes.