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Agribusiness it is DNA

With 12 farms located in the center-west and southeast regions of the country, the VETTOR GROUP has invested in cattle breeding and the planting of sugarcane, corn and soybeans, seeing in brazilian agribusiness great growth potential.

While raising and cattle breeding occurs in the farms of Mato Grosso do Sul and São Paulo, sugarcane planting is directed to the production of Santa Adélia Mill, in the units of Pereira Barreto and Sud Mennucci, in the countryside of São Paulo, and soy and corn planting, irrigated through a central pivot, is destined to supply the region of Sud Mennuci and adjacent cities. 

VETTOR AGRONEGÓCIOS has a trained and highly qualified team, optimizing each stage of the cultivation process, from the care of the soil to the use of excellent products without pesticides, guaranteeing the high yield of the harvest, in a sustainable way, delivering to the customers food with high quality standards.