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1st Corn Ethanol Plant

Located in the State of Mato Grosso, FS BIOENERGIA is the first ethanol plant in Brazil that uses corn in 100% of its production, with 2 warehouses capable of storing up to 120 thousand tons, and an annual production capacity of 530 million liters of ethanol and 15 thousand tons of corn oil, providing more than 1,5 thousand jobs. 

VETTOR is proud to be able to participate in this great project implanted for the first time in the country, after being approved by the north-American biofuel technology company ICM, supplying 2 VTF towers with modular size of 9,1 m² per cell and 15 VTF towers with modular size of 36,0 m² per cell, both with fiberglass structure and reinforced concrete water basin, fans in the upper part of the equipment for the execution of the induced ventilation, fill type grid in PP, droplet eliminator in PVC, and system of water distribution by pressure, assembled and tested in accordance with the required production capacity, totalizing 288 m² of area for water cooling of the internal processes of the plant.