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Paraguayan Investments

With only 10 years of operation, INPASA is the largest producer of biofuels in Paraguay, producing 12 million liters of corn-based ethanol per month, and VETTOR is a partner in supplying large water-cooling towers to the plant located in the city of Nueva Esperanza. 

Recently, this important paraguayan client decided to invest in Brazil, by consolidating the second largest corn ethanol plant in the country, located in the state of Mato Grosso, with a production capacity of 1,4 million liters of ethanol per day, in addition to the production of protein for animal feed and corn oil. Once again, VETTOR was a key player in the supply of 7 VTF towers with  modular size of 110,0 m² per cell, structure in fiberglass and water basin in reinforced concrete, induced ventilation, fill grid type and droplet eliminator in PP, system of water distribution by pressure, with flow rate of more than 15 thousand m³ of water per hour, designed to measure, according to the specific need established and approved by the north-American biofuels technology company KATZEN.