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Vettor and the Caribbean Rum

With 70 years of experience in the alcohol distillation industry, FLORIDA CARIBBEAN DISTILLERS is the largest producer of rum of Florida, producing more than 10 million gallons per year. Its bottling plant is located in Auburndale, its aging warehouse in Winter Haven, and its distillery units in Lake Alfred, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands and Costa Rica. 

VETTOR has already supplied several equipment for the units of this group, and recently made available 4 more VTF towers with modular size of 29,0 m² per cell, structure in pultruded profiles with fiberglass closing panels in the upper part to block the entrance of sunlight, minimizing the proliferation of algaes or agglutinations like the biolimo. The support chassi of the mechanical equipment was made of galvanized carbon steel, ensuring greater durability, installed in individual cold-water basins in reinforced concrete, in addition to counting on fills with the grid type in PP and the splash type in PVC, droplet eliminator in PP, water distribution system by pressure and induced ventilation.